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The purpose of this community is to bring Rivers Cuomo's MySpace blog to Livejournal, for three reasons.
1. For convenience. Now you can see it on your friends page.
2. For discussion. He has some interesting thoughts, and presumably everyone here has an interest in him, and therefore an interest in his thoughts. (Right?)
3. For historical/archival purposes. (Have you noticed MySpace doesn't keep his old entries, at least not publicly?)

It's kind of like a comic strip feed, and I hear some of those get shut down. I presume that what I plan to do with this community is not some sort of copyright infringement, as a blog such as Rivers is not something done for a profit. Needless to say, I am not making any money by doing this, and I do not see how it is in any way illegal or mean.

If you join this community, you may notice that you do not have posting access. This is NOT a Rivers Cuomo/Weezer fan club. There are plenty of those around. If you want to make a post about the time you think you saw Rivers in Harvard Square or how Rivers is overrated and Scott is really the coolest member of Weezer...guess what? This is NOT the place. You can post what you like in comments, as long as you are not mean to the other site members, or a troll, or in general, a douchebag.

Because I do not have time to sit at my computer hitting the "refresh" button on Firefox (not that I would if I did) I will appoint some other responsible people to be able to post, and perhaps later to maintain the community

Please excuse the current disorder; backdating works a little differently with communities. But all the entries (except the ones that I don't have the dates for) will show up on the calendar the day they were posted by Rivers.



Note: Please do NOT try to contact people to bug them to update stuff.

People who have posting access:
Me (freesiayourmind)

So if you guys have older entries (or see new ones before I do, which is a high probability throughout November and most of December) go ahead! I've put in all the ones I have; although one doesn't have a date, as I have indicated in the subject line. So let me know if you know it. It seems weezer.se is currently renovating their archive...