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a d a m's Comment:

a d a m's Comment:


"strutter '78" is a classic example of something that wasn't reworked/re-recorded for any real good reason other than commerce, which in my opinion, is pretty much always the wrong reason.

they specifically re-worked it to have a disco feel to be more current and sell more records in the disco era.

i remember me and you and justin having a really big "double platinum" era and always skipping that version and moving on to other songs. we always had a real distaste for it, but i will say that i think ace's solos on the new version are pretty good and i listened to "double platinum" so much that when shufflepuck recorded our version of "strutter" for a b-side to our record, the majority of the songs chord structure and patterns were from the version off the 1st kiss record (as well as the live version), but the solos i played were quoting the double platinum version, so yeah....that's wierd.

maybe i don't know what i'm talking about.
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