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Volume Won

Volume Won

What bands were you listening to at the time you first started writing material for The Blue Album?

---Fred Spearfish, Saint Diego

Off the top of my head, in no particular order:

* Beethoven
* Bruckner
* Gregg Alexander
* I remember hearing a lot of STP at parties
* Ice Cube
* Janes addiction
* King missile
* King Size (I roadied for them in Guatemala)
* Lots of The velvet underground
* Negativland
* Nirvana (though I was kind of intentionally avoiding them)
* Pixies
* Public Enemy
* Richard Strauss
* Roger from Zapp
* Schoenberg
* Sonic youth
* The Smiths
* Wax
* X-clan

And of course: the radio and Karls mix tapes!

Were talking about late 91 early 92. I dont remember listening to that much music at that time. I was very busy with school and my various jobs. My big music listening period was 90-91 when I worked at Tower Records. I had to listen to 8 hours of music everydaybasically everything that was released at that time, and then some. I was exposed to a ton of music that I otherwise never would have heard.

I saw 1991-12-22 Jane's Addiction/Pixies/Primus at the Palladium. I saw Tool at Rajis out of curiosity.

This March I wrote a song that catalogues a lot of the music Ive listened to in my life in chronological order, starting with Edmund Fitzgerald and ending with Nevermind.


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