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Thursday, October 27, 2005
9:52 AM


I think I pulled one of my gluteus maximi last night.

I don’t know why I have the reputation for being the systematic thinker: I think it’s Brian. He came up with a brilliant scheme for solving the cover song conundrum (you know, the fact that four guys can never agree on one song to cover.) We each selected two songs and put them in a hat. Each day we draw a song and have to learn it and play it at sound check. Yesterday we did Gary Newman’s “Are Friends Electric?” for Pat and today we’re doing “I Don’t Know How to Love Her” from Jesus Christ Superstar for me. Everyone’s happy.

And this boy has notebooks, too. Yesterday we got in an argument because both of us thought we were supposed to learn the keyboard part. I had filled a page of my Mead book with notes.

“See, I did all this work!”

“Pshhh . . . Look at this!”

Bri pulled out some fancy French notebook with graph lines on the pages and leaf after leaf of notes on all the different keyboard parts of the song. The lyrics were printed out, cut, and carefully pasted around the notes he had drawn.

“Hmph. . . I guess you can play the keyboard if you want.”

He ended up letting me play the keyboard anyway.

We call him the “MD” sometimes, or “musical director”. He’s the one who always seems to have his act together the most and he’s always shouting out the changes to us so we don’t get lost.

We are anticipating all out war on the last night of the Foos tour. Apparently they dropped 50,000 ping pong balls on the Chili Peppers.

“Yet, if she said she loved me

I'd be lost; I'd be frightened

I couldn't cope

Just couldn't cope

I'd turn my head

I'd back away

I wouldn't want to know

She scares me so

I want her so

I love her so...”
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